Sheer Bliss

Monday, July 10, 2006

A Tenant and Karu's Banana Leaf

Finally, I've become a tenant and steps away to becoming my own boss.

Dinner was at Karu's Banana Leaf at Upper Bt Timah Road opposite MINDEF.

One of the better Banana Leaf restaurants, I would say. Free flow of vegetables which include cabbage, brinjal masala, bittergourd, some loofah vegetable with chick peas. You can never expect the same kind of veg when you come here. Probably it depends on the chef's mood that day. My friend loved the papadum. Definitely cheaper than the one we had at Chat Masala Too at Greenwood Avenue. $30 per head for the dim lightings, great ambience and mango lassi.

So tonight's meal was about $7 per head. Very reasonable, very economical (free parking too) and very delicious.

I'm still recovering from the World Cup Finals, haven't got over the shock of Zinedane Zidane's exit. Poor guy. My heart goes out to him. And to think I was telling Marge very casually during the match that he is (was?) an extremely gentle and composed man. And he proved me wrong by being Rooney No.2. Poor wife. Good luck to her coping with her hubby's post-match depression.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Who Am I?

Tiring day.

Woke up at 730 am and with Marge, we lugged our stuff to AMK for a flea market.

Thank goodness we managed to sell off quite a number of exotic Tibetan pendants and a couple of handmade earrings that I've made.

This is ME - fashion buyer, sourcer of exotic trinkets from all over the world.

Laniege Sleeping Mask

Oh yes, before I go to bed, let me just refresh my archives cuz it's a memorable one. The very first post...

Wow, my virgin entry.My reason for starting one?Well, as an ex-teacher, writing has always been in me and since I don't have a great storyline to publish a book, why not write here?So my first entry will be something very dear to my heart: BEAUTY.

In a short while, I'm gonna take a cold shower and apply Laniege Sleeping Mask before I hit the bed. The power of advertising: saw this "Daisy" lead actress in the Korean advert and I searched high and low for it.Wallah! Found it at Isetan and let me tell you, the results are HEAVENLY...You wake up the next morning and your skin feels baby smooth.Guess what, my hubby (let's call him MARGE- yeah, I know, it sounds like Margaret. Maybe I'll divulge..Next time) anyway, he's hooked as well and is bent on carrying out his beauty regime as well.The best part about this sleeping mask is its price. A far cry from the other Japanese skincare product that's about M and M. You get it?

Let me call it a day now and celebrate my blog in my dreams. Night!

Aw..What happened to my previous site?

Sigh sigh..

Apparently, my previous bogspot has a major problem and it doesn't allow me to post new stuff.
So, here I am again, after half a day's hard work at AMK, selling my precious stone pendants and earrings.

Not too bad.

I think I'll sign off from here cuz I think I need some beauty sleep.